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Paige Storti is an independent documentary filmmaker from Great Barrington, Massachusetts and is currently based in Charleston, South Carolina. With a Bachelors in Psychology, her interests are deeply rooted in social justice issues, mental health, and the human condition. Paige also holds a Masters degree from The City College of New York in Film. From a young age, Paige recognized the magic of a camera's eye. Over the years, her passion has evolved from still photos to films, but her intent remains the same: to capture the beauty and expression the subject holds and to connect the viewers through stories of human experience. She is a storyteller at heart and hopes her films shed light on topics that may otherwise be left in the dark. Paige’s thesis film, The Backpack, discusses the public perception of police officers, police culture, and mental health stigma, specifically within policing. The Backpack was selected by the Berkshire International Film Festival and the Salem Film Festival in 2022.

My work

2021– The Backpack

Berkshire International Film Festival & Salem Film Festival 2022 Selection

2020 – Ends of the Earth

2020 – Berkshire Agricultural Ventures

2020 – The King of All Wild Things


Freelance Editor

2023-present, Gobbo Films

Freelance Production Assistant

2021-present, Jack Morton Worldwide

Production Assistant

2021, Women in Film and Video New England

Production Assistant

2019, Berkshire Film and Media Collaborative

Production Assistant

2017-2019, Cynthia Wade Productions

Editing Intern

2017, The American Mural Project


MFA in Documentary Filmmaking

2019-2021, The City College of New York

BA in Psychology

2015-2018, Western New England University


Production Assistant

2023, Blood Knot

1st Team Production Assistant

2023, Cold Wallet


2021, 2020 Unmasked

Production Assistant

2019, 1Berkshire Commercial

Director, Producer, Editor

2021, The Backpack

Production Assistant

2021, Sproutland

Production Assistant

2019, McCann Technical School Commercial

Production Assistant

2018, GRIT

Production Assistant & 1st AC/Gaffer

2021, How to Disappear


2021, Who Was Lee Edwards?

Production Assistant

2017, Hep C Free Testimonial Video

Production Assistant & Casting

2017, Artifact Hard Cider Commercial

Paige Storti

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